We have extremely talented people  and excellent professionals from all over the world in our network.  Our team and partners have decades of experience in Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Music and Video Production. Many of them have achieved recognition  and success all over the world especially in Europe, South, Central and North America.

Tim Schenker


(Music and  Video Production Sensei) - Tim’s passion for film, music composition and production has helped our customers create exceptional videos, soundtracks, and music albums that make all the difference in the way they promote their services/talent and communicate with their audiences; helping them to excel in the market. Tim is a versatile musician and actor.

Nataly Schenker


(Marketing and Advertising Master) - Nataly’s background in Business Administration and Marketing, helps our customers to develop their corporate identity and advertising through the latest trends in digital and social media marketing to successfully establish long lasting relationships with their audience to help them generate better sales and result. Nataly is also an actress and model.



(PR and  Community Development Expert) - Veronica’s ability to generate engagement between companies and their audiences  have brought success to many organizations, especially with the implementation of social projects , creating a positive impact around the world. Vero volunteers at community development programs and is also an actress.


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